Love Letter To You

Have you ever cried just because you are so happy and relieved at the same time?

I’m tired but I have to share something with you today.

What Faith Really Looks Like

It really is believing for something that you can not see but trust and know that you will receive it. We’ve come a long way. God has taken us through the valley of death, not to harm us but to prosper us. Sometimes the valley of the death is exactly where you need to go to learn and to understand the true meaning of where you need to be. Who you really are in Christ. I’ve seen the changes in us. I’ve seen the growth. I’ve seen those days when there was nothing left, not even hope and how God came and touched us just to say I’m still here. Keep going. Don’t stop.

I’ve seen so much hurt and pain. So much disappointment. I’ve seen next level of believe and I’ve seen God literally go before us. I’ve seen God make magic out of nothing, I’ve seen Him take bad and turned it into good. I’ve also seen God protect us like no one could ever and I’ve seen His favor over us even though it felt like we were alone at times.

So much has gone down over the past three years. We’ve lost friends even those that were closer than brothers. We’ve had to walk away a thousand times humbling ourselves and just trust, wait, know and believe. We’ve had to learn to bite our tongue in situations, walk away and battle it out with God in private. We had to sometimes take punches that was never meant for us but yet it was aimed at us.intentional to hurt us. God took those punches for us, always protecting our hearts. Guarding us. It was hard. It was hard to watch it happen.

What It Felt Like

It’s almost like a train came around every day at the same time at exactly the same train station for the past three years. But every day due to unforeseen circumstances we missed the train. We never gave up. We tried every day to make it on time but every day we failed. February 2016 where it all started, but you never gave up. You never failed to be a good example. When you were tired of fighting God gave me strength and when I was tired you were ready. But we never stopped. We prayed. We kept trying to get on the train. The train we both knew and believed God wanted us to be on. It’s been more than three years and we finally made it on time to get into our train. We never gave up. We never tried a short cut. We never stopped. This journey has been the hardest thing I’ve ever endured yet it was a journey of wonder, miracles and growth.

God Went Before Us

The last six months was our biggest testimony. Our entire world turned into faith. Everything familiar, everything known was left behind and slowly but surely I saw God take us out of the valley towards greener pastures. In every possible way He changed us. He took our individual hands and placed them together. He taught us how to be one warrior in two bodies. He showed us how to pray as one but separately.

If I look back I see His hand everywhere. I see how He perfectly planned everything and then went in front of us, waiting on us to see if we will follow.

We did.

You Have Taught Me So Much

I’ve watched you and I can honestly say as much as you drove me insane at times, it was incredible to see you grow, learn from you, experience your faith and see you believing for something only you knew by faith.

I’m incredibly proud to be your wife. I look forward to our new chapter which I believe started three months ago already. God has been so faithful. You my love has made Him so proud, and I will forever be thankful for the past hardest three years of our life because I know it was these years that has shaped us in every way to prepare us for His will.

Together as husband and wife.

I have so much more to say to you but for now this is enough. You encourage me, thank you for making me want to be better.

To God be all the glory

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