March 2020

Time to talk about what I did in March. First off, no one could have known that March would end the way it did. Not at the beginning of March and certainly not at the beginning of the year. This is all so surreal. I will still aim to stick to my year plan for 2020. It might not be as easy or simple, but I’m not backing down now.

I am very serious about my to do list this year and will try my best to not get side tracked. Not even the lockdown will stop me. I can do this.

I need changes in my life. This whole journey is not just to stick to some random list but to improve my life, my health and my entire mindset. This is the year for transformation.

Where It All Began

I was so excited at the beginning of March, with only three weeks left before the school holidays, all our major school tests and assignments were done, so according to my plan, March was going to be smooth sailing.

I feel amazing compared to how I felt the past two years. I am currently working out at least three times a week, even if it is just tennis for an hour. I love the fact that I am trying new things to improve my health, immune system and strength.

Please remember that everything I am doing on this new journey of mine are things I do at home. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and everyone can try this. I am testing things that I read about and if it works, great then it stays. If it doesn’t work, well no harm done, I just leave it at that and move forward.

Bosch Home SA

My month kicked off with an awesome kitchen experience with Bosch South Africa. I spent the morning with some awesome ladies, using the best appliances, preparing the most divine food. It was so nice to get out. Just me. No kids, no husband, it was my day. My experience. My treat. What an awesome way to start a new month. Sometimes this is just as important for our health as all the good food, the healthy lifestyle and all the exercising. Me time. Mommy time. Self love.

Cat was our chef and you can find some awesome recipes and ideas on her blog at Le Famished Cat. Healthy vegan meals and super easy. Thanks Cat x.


I usually only read one book a month but because we went away on holiday, (only for seven nights including the two nights we spent on our road trip) I red two books this month. Well, make that two and a half.

The 4-Hour Body

I started with The 4-hour body by Timothy Ferris because I really enjoyed his book, The 4-hour work week. It is a good book but because I started with intermittent fasting I stopped with the book after chapter 11. If I wasn’t fasting and actually feeling the benefits of my new eating routine I would definitely have finished it. If fasting is not for you, this is totally your book.

Girl, Wash Your Face

This book had me in tears, not just because of heart ache and hardship but also because I was laughing so much. Oh my word every woman should read this book written by Rachel Hollis. I will tell you more about the book in another post, but if you are looking for a book to read now while you are on lockdown, this is your book. It will really bring the best out in you. Girl, wash your face.

Girl, Stop Apologizing

I was so impressed by Rachel Hollis that I immediately put my nose into another one of her books. This one was a New York best seller and it was just as good. Both these books are a must read for every woman. Honestly if you never have time to read, this is your time. Make a plan and get reading. Girl, stop apologizing was so inspiring and uplifting. It gave me a breath of fresh air and maybe a buit of a push from the back.


Like I’ve said, long gone are the days where I love to gym. It’s just become a massive burden to me over the last five years. But I realised something important, to be fit is essential, especially when you are moving on in the years.

I try keep it exciting for myself, just to get back into it, or until I’m into it. I mix it up a bit, so instead of just doing Hiit workouts, I also went on a hike this month. I’ve even gone to play tennis. I go for long walks in our estate and tried Bodytec this month.

Sometimes we have to push ourselves outside of our own comfort zone, outside of our own “wants” and just accept that it is a necessity. I love that I am trying. I love that I am persistent and I love that I am not compromising. With all this love there is only one way to go. Up, better, fitter and eventually love it so much that it is no effort to me.

Green Juice

I started drinking a fresh green juice every day, Monday to Friday. I will share the recipe soon, and to be honest this is another area where I suffered a little. It was disgusting. But once again, perseverance is key. I now drink my juice without pulling a face. The health benefits in this juice is just incredible.

March Results

I am happy with what I did in March. I’ve definitely grown and am looking forward to April. Even if I improve 1% a month, I will have a 12% improvement at the end of the year. I’m happy with that.


Vacation planning. This might be good for me this month, some dreaming of dreamy destinations once this nightmare we are all facing are over.

Hope you are all staying positive and healthy. Look after yourself and each other.

I am writing a Dear Lockdown Diary every day, so pop in and see what I’m up to everything with the kids and Barry. Hang in there my friends, we will walk away from this stronger than before. God doesn’t make mistakes. God has a perfect plan. Use this time to reflect, and spend good quality time with your people.

Much Love xxx

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