My Wheels And I

August is coming closer and I am super excited to pay the last payment on my car. In the mean time I’m still searching for a small town car, something light on fuel but zippy. As in my previous post I’m still not sure what to do. For now I am enjoying exploring new options and possibilities.

Toyota C-HR

I don’t know if you have seen the new Toyota C-HR? Oh my gosh its such a CUTE car. I took it for a test drive with my friend Carly and we were both pleasantly surprised at how nice it was when it was in front of us.

They come out in 3 different models and I’ll be honest I was sceptical when I saw it was a 1.2 litre car. To my surprise was a really smooth drive and she definitely showed potential and power. More than enough for a town car. It’s like a “mini” SUV which I love because you are not sitting down on the ground. It just feels safer when you sitting higher.

It comes standard with a navigation system and the radio can connect through bluetooth with your phone for your music. The boot is big enough to fit all four school bags and some shopping. The back seat is big enough to fit an adult comfortably. Carly sat in the back.

You even have a choice to go manual or automatic. If you upgrade from the standard     C-HR to the Plus, you get cruise control and airconditioning. I really liked it, and enjoyed riding it.

You can go onto their website and get all the detailed information there.




Is It For Me?

Honestly I would buy this car. But there is a but, I wouldn’t drive to Cape Town in this car. The motor is just too small. So I would only buy this car if I had another car (like my current one) parked in the garage for the long road. I also prefer diesel motors and this only comes in petrol. It does have a standard turbo charger and I think this is the reason why the small 1.2 litre car drove so comfortably.


The Verdict

I will continue my search. I am at a stage where I’m thinking to extend my Mercedes  motorplan and keep the Viano for the long road. It’s just such an awesome car for long trips with the four kids and also very reliable.

So the search will continue but I think for something like this Toyota. Something small, zippy and light on juice.

4 replies on “My Wheels And I”

Yes and the Viano is soon mine and not the banks car anymore so I don’t see why we should let it go. But it’s heavy on fuel in town, it’s a V6.

Woman! stick to your paid off Viano 🙂 Have you seen the fuel hikes? And apparently there are more hikes looming… my theory is any paid off car is a great buy! I’m the logical one, in my house, that calculates paying x amount for an installment vs paying x amount on fuel monthly… No further comparisons required.. keep the paid off car 🙂 But do show us if you get a new zippy car 🙂

I totally agree. It excites me to know it will be completely paid. But it’s a V6 so the fuel consumption in town is rediculous especially with the price just going up and up. It’s a difficult one xxx

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