Our Last Date At Moyo Zoo Lake

While the kids were gone we went on many dinner and lunch dates. It was absolutely amazing to spend so much quality time together. With four kids running around it’s not always easy getting alone time with one another.

One thing I love about having one on one time with Barry for more than five minutes is getting to the point where I realise how much I’m still in love with him and how much he still drives me to be a better person. I know this and I realise that it is so important to not just get stuck in the kids world and their schedules and things, but to make time for one another and spend good quality time together.


Our Final Date

We met up in Johannesburg, I had to be there for work and he came from work. He picked me up at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Sandton, like a real date. We made our way to Moyo Zoo Lake where we were welcomed by friendly staff and the warmest atmosphere you can imagine on a cold winters night. The friendly reception lady greeted me by name and that made me feel extra special.


We were seated in a corner next to the massive fire place. Everything was just perfect. The perfect setting for the perfect last date.


African Traditions

Faith came out with a bucket filled with hot water and washed our hands. Our waiter, Thelma came and took our drinks order. Not long after we ordered our drinks Tatenda opened his mouth and started singing. His voice was beautiful and pure, everything was perfect. Thelma popped around every now and again, checking up on us and refilling our glasses. Tatenda walked between the tables with his guitar, singing with no effort.

Dan, the manager came around to the table and introduced himself, making sure everything was good. Faith came back after a while with some white and black face paint. She explained that it’s a Xhosa tradition and it is a symbol of peace and happiness. Exactly what I felt on that cold Friday the thirteenth night.

Winter Set Menu

We ordered from the Winter-Set-Menu. I had such difficulty choosing, everything looked so good! Since my last visit to Moyo Zoo Lake I just had to have the Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower Soup again and Barry joined in on that. This is by far the best soup I have ever tasted.


For my main meal I had the Imbazo sirloin steak which was delicious, way too much as it was 400g but so divine. Barry went for the Seafood Samp Paella Potjie, and he finished it in no time. After both the starter and mains, we couldn’t have desert, although we were both tempted.

All the waiters gathered close to our table where they played drums and sang our national anthem. The vibe was perfect, cosy and warm. I wanted to sing and dance with them.

Moyo Zoo Lake

Thank you for an unforgettable last date with my husband. We had so much fun and everyone there was so friendly and loving. I don’t know when we will get the chance to do this again, but it’s going to be hard to top everything we got from Moyo Zoo Lake.

[wpvideo U7fb8njS]

Back To Reality

Time to snap out of it and get my head back into reality. The kids are back, school is open and everything is back to normal. As happy as I am to see my kids again and have them home again, I will always treasure the time spent with Barry.

Thank you Brian for the invitation.  Thank you Dan, Thelma, Faith and chef Seriel Bongani. Lastly thank you Tatenda for sharing your beautiful voice.

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