Plan Of Action

I will dedicate one month to one thing this year to improve myself, my life, our life as a family and make this year a better place for us. This is the year where we will look back and see that it was a year to come together as one. 
Join me on this journey as I take it on and be the difference as the woman of our home to my husband, kids and what we share together every day. I believe the change has to start with me because I am the heart of the home. 

My reasons for doing this

Life is so short. A year goes by so quick. Before we know it it will be December again, and all the “I want to do’s” in January will become “I still wanted to but never got around to.” 
In my previous post I said I won’t call it my New Years Resolutions but rather my To Do List for 2020. 
One new thing a month shouldn’t be hard but it’s long enough to make it part of our lifestyle. Twenty two days to form new habits and I’ll have thirty. So twelve new things this year to add value to our lives. Life can only get sweeter.

Here is my plan of action

January – Detox. Give back to my body after a good festive season. 

February – Romance in the air. Get back to falling in love with myself, him, the kids, our life and be grateful during this journey. 

March– Fitness and health. Have a proper workout routine and stick to it. Especially through winter. Make sure it forms part of who I become during the next twelve months. It’s now or never.

April – Vacation planning. Even if I plan for 2021, I am going to pin down places, dates and make it my mission to get to the destinations of our dreams. Traveling is so good for us as a family and one of our favourite things to do.

May – Regain strength. I want to grow, physically and spiritually. I want to follow the my Father’s voice and have confidence that whatever I do, I do what He wants for me and go where He wants me to go.

June – Kids. Spend time with the kids focusing on their love languages and a lot of quality time. With school and all their activities, life pass us by so quickly. I want to focus on their love languages and make a point of spending one on one time with each one of them.

July – Christmas shopping. Christmas in July, I want to start my lists and shopping so that it doesn’t come down to the last week before Christmas. I experienced it in 2019 and it wasn’t fun. Back to being organised which was one of my things on my 2020 To Do List.

August – Me time. I will dedicate this month to myself. A lot of pampering and who knows maybe a night or two away by myself. I will reflect on where I am, where I am going and what my next steps will be. A me breather.

September – Family. September we will be having so many birthdays which means we will be going away a lot. It’s going to be a month full of quality family time. 

October – Get prepped for 2021. I want to sort out all the logistics for 2021 and not think about the next year until it is time to enter it. I want to enjoy my festive season without having to worry about what still needs to get done.

November – Recap 2020. In November I want to look back on the year and give thanks. Gratitude will be my attitude.

December – Closing on a High Note with a fantastic family holiday, surrounded by people we love. 

This is the direction I am moving towards and if you are anything like me, you also need a map to stay on course and not loose focus half way through. I’m going to try my absolute best to not detour and get lost somewhere along the way. 
I am looking forward to the adventures, challenges, highs and lows of 2020.

I do however want to be present in every day, enjoy each day and focus today only on today and trust that God has everything else under control.

Matthew 6:34

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

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