Prima Top Toys For Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 is nearly here.

It’s just around the corner

If you’re not sure what to get your kids this Christmas, don’t worry. I have some great ideas for you.

Each year it gets harder and harder to choose the right toys for my kids,  and I find myself in a toy store the week before Christmas and I have no clue what to get the kids.

Everything is so cool and I feel like a kid when I shop for Christmas toys. The problem with toy shopping is you don’t always know what you getting. Will the kids actually play with it or will it just land up in the toy box?

I have reviewed some awesome toys for Prima Toys and these are great options for Christmas 2018.

Baby Love

Baba Tasha

If you have a girl who is into baby dolls, these are just to die for. We got the Afrikaans one and her name is Tasha. When you press on her belly she speaks to you and says the cutest things.


You also get them in other languages like English and Zulu. It comes with baby accessories and the girls can sit for hours and have fun with this cute baby doll. These are great for all ages as long as they play with baby dolls this doll will bring your little girl hours of fun.


Scruff a Luvs

After the launch of the Prima Top Toys for Christmas 2018 event, a post by the Non Adventures of a Stay At Home mom (my friend Nadia) went viral! It was a post showcasing these special little toys so if you’re looking for something that is a world-wide craze, this is it! These adorable soft toys are so cute. My daughter couldn’t wait to bathe her little blue bunny and give it all the love it deserves.

This is such an awesome way to teach our kids about love. When I explained the whole “adopt a pet” thing to her, she felt so sad for all the pets that don’t have homes. Not only is this a great soft toy but it teaches them something deeper.

They are available in three different types. A cute blue bunny, a pink doggy or a blue kitty. This is an awesome gift for an animal lover. It’s such a nice way to teach a valuable lesson to our kids whilst playing and having fun.



Fingerling Dinosaurs

My girls have had their little monkey fingerlings for two years already and I could see my oldest boy envied their little finger friends. Obviously he won’t settle for a glitter monkey so he kept it to himself until this little dinosaur rocked up at out house.

One special delivery for a boy. It makes the cutest dinosaur sounds and they just love playing with these little pets.

It took my four-year old a couple of days before he trusted the green Dino on his finger, he was a little scared of it. My suggested age for this toy would be over the age of four.


Shopkins Pantry Packs

As soon as I think my daughter has the entire collection, they bring out something new and better. I honestly can’t keep up but who wouldn’t want the latest Shopkins collection? They are just adorable. We had so much fun opening each little packet and finding an exciting surprise inside. She loved opening these and it kept her, or should I say us busy for an hour. The packets where it comes in are so nice, you almost don’t want to open them…. until you do. Each one has a little treasure inside.

Everyone was excited to see the new collection. If your girl is into little collectibles, this is a “must have” this Christmas. They are perfect little Christmas Stocking fillers.

This is an awesome surprise for any child that loves collectibles. My only hazard with this would be the size. I wouldn’t recommend it for a child smaller than three. It’s small enough to fit in the mouth.


Trix 360 Corner Bowl Set

My boys had so much fun with this and can play for hours with this. You can change the look of the car in no time so that it feels like you have four different cars instead of just two.

These cars are packed with a ramp for the little cars that does tricks over the ramp.  You’ll even see a 360 happening if you practice your speed and angle. It is totally awesome and good fun.

All boys love cats and although my four-year old can’t change the body of his car to a different color, it takes me seconds to do it for him. This toy is suitable for all ages.


Don’t Wait For Christmas!

Get your Christmas Toy shopping done now. If you make your way to any of the leading toy stores in South Africa you will find these. If you see something you like you can contact Prima Toys directly. I can’t wait to go Christmas shopping this year.


Disclaimer: This is a product exchange review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and the truth. Prima Toys import toys and are suppliers to all the major toy stores in South Africa.



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