Seek Your Adventure

Seek Your Adventure

When? How? Why?

A very long time ago we got ourselves a home away from home. It was an exciting time!  I remember how we used to fly to Cape Town and see the progress of the apartment we bought of plan.

Long before it even became a beautiful piece of architecture, when the block was still occupied by homes built in the early 1900’s. It became our monthly get away, and our home away from home.

Then We Had a Family

By the time we had child number two our home away from home became a distant memory. Jumping on a plane for a mid month break became a bigger effort than just staying at home. I did however miss it. Cape Town missed me.

With these feelings hanging over my head we decided it was time to  put on my big girl panties. We decided to make our home away from home part of the kids life. I remember jumping in the car, the first time. Being totally on top of everything. (Obviously with my small babies) Our once weekend breaks became  a little longer than our previous  four days a month breaks.

Traveling Solo

I started off by going for six to eight weeks at a time only once a year and eventually when the kids got bigger and school became a reality it became four times a year.Our six to eight weeks became whatever the holidays allowed. Husband and I decided together to use our place instead of letting it go to waist. He meets up with us over weekends.

He obviously could not take a full two week holiday four times a year. But  just like that we decided together that solo road trips with the kids could be a positive thing for us. Our home away from home became even more precious and special to us than ever before.

It’s been so long! Nearly eight years later and a fuller bigger family.  Results have left us with a now addicted to travel family.

Dad still meets up with us over weekends, and yes we miss him all the time. But we soak up the scenery, love the adventure and live in each moment.

Solo Mom Traveler

So I am a solo mom traveler. I travel with all four kids by myself all over the country. We miss the husband all the time, but we also live once. We make the most of every trip and love the time together exploring. Now that we are home schoolers, we also love learning together.

Yet Another Trip

Follow our current trip on Instagram and my stories. We are making our way to our home away from home once again. This time we are taking the long way around. We are also still busy schooling so this one is an interesting exiting one.


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