She’s Eight

It’s A BIG Deal

It’s birthday time in the house. Time to celebrate big because God has gifted us with another year! My second daughter is eight years old!

I Do

Will I be able to love another the way I love my first? Will I love them the same way? These questions I couldn’t answer  until she was born on the 31st January. 

There she was. Perfect. Another little girl. Another instant love at first sight. It was possible. She was just as perfect in every way and I knew I was blessed when they placed her in my arms. 

One Of A Kind, Miss Muffet

This princess keeps on surprising me. Her bravery, her passion, her determination and her very high standards are something I had to get use to but admire. The high goals she sets for herself scare me sometimes but it’s what makes her special. It makes her who she is. She loves just being with me. Her compassion and love shows through everyday in actions, not just words. I’m so proud of her. I can’t believe she’s eight today.

My Dearest Second Born

You have learnt to fight and get to the top, you challenge me every day and give me a good run for my money most days. Our intelligent conversations and your curiosity makes you one of a kind. Such a little go getter. I see myself in you most days. Your beautiful respect and love for God inspires me, the way you know what you want and why you want it.

You are one special girl and God has special plans for you. Thank you for being my little left hand. Thank you for always being the one to help or do the things the others don’t want to do. I can always call on you. 

I hope your voice will always be heard, stay sweet my baby, always true to yourself and may God bless you this year with everything your little heart desires. We are blessed with you in our lives. Thank you for being you. 

Happy birthday my sweetheart. 

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