Things To Do With Kids In And Around Cape Town

We went to our home away from home during the March school holidays. We took a different route down to Cape Town and travelled through the Northern Cape down the West Coast.

The weather was different this year, where usually we spend most days on the beach, Autumn came early and we had to keep ourselves busy doing other fun things in and around Cape Town.

Betty’s Bay

I decided to drive up the East Coast and take the kids to see the penguins in Betty’s Bay. We took the R44 and was blown away by the beautiful views over the mountains and the ocean. It was only a 40 kilometre drive but it took longer than usual due to the narrow and curvy roads over the mountains.


Stony Point Nature Reserve

Stony Point Nature Reserve is one of the largest successful breeding colonies of the African penguin in the world. They offer the public to walk on a foot path alongside the beach where these penguins live peacefully. The beautiful view over the dark waters is breathtaking and at the end of the path you will find remains of what they think use to be a lighthouse.


They have a small restaurant where you can grab something to eat after the relaxing stroll down the footpath. We only stayed for a milkshake and decided to find another spot for lunch.

Back towards Cape Town on the R44 we found a beautiful restaurant hidden behind massive tree’s.


This little place was stunning. The decor looked like an old garage from the 50’s but gave a contemporary modern feel to the old “garage.” A beautiful design with a big grass area where kids can run free and wild. They also had an indoor play area, but there wasn’t much inside to keep them entertained for long. Luckily the sun was out and the kids were happy outside.

The menu and food was nice,  the kids didn’t really enjoy their food too much. I can’t fault the food though, I think I can blame the lovely outdoor space and fun they had with all the other kids running around and playing. I am not sure if it was too “fancy” for them or if they just enjoyed playing too much that they didn’t want to waist time eating.


It was a lovely little spot, perfect to stretch the legs, have something to drink and chill in the shade.

It was a perfect day out. Not too much driving, beautiful scenery, nice food and a lovely way to spend time with the kids. Out in nature surrounded by beautiful little creations of God, and let me tell you, penguins are really cute.

I would say it’s around 80 kilometers from Cape Town Centre but it’s a beautiful drive and something fun to do with the family away from the city. 



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