Western Cape Road Trip: Lambert’s Bay To Strand

I am sharing our recent adventures on our road trip to Cape Town in March. I did 1800 kilometres with my four kids on a solo road trip through the Northern Cape down the West Coast. A solo parenting road trip is not new to us. We’ve been doing this for a  couple of years already. We have learnt loads of road trip lessons but we are finally at a point where we can hit the road and do this for five days, just the four kids and I.

We always miss my husband but he works away from home and we hardly ever see him during the week, so although we would love to share these moments with him, we are also okay with coping without him.  The first part of our trip was to Kimberley where we visited the Big Hole. We went through the Northern Cape down to the West Coast. Once we left Port Nolloth we made our way to Lambert’s Bay.

Day 5


One Last Stop: Paternoster


We left Lambert’s Bay and made our way to Paternoster. It was our last day on the road and with less than 300 kilometres to go I decided there was time for one more stop. We arrived just in time. The kids were hungry and my bum was sore. I’ve never seen such a beautiful little town. I am sure if I go somewhere like Greece I’ll see something similar. All the white buildings and houses took my breath away. A turquoise sea with white beaches, again that West Coast magic!

We all felt like pizza and went to Blikkie Pizzeria where they had a small play area for the kids, a lovely outdoor seating area with a beautiful view over the ocean and white buildings. The pizza was delicious.


After lunch we were ready to hit the road and say goodbye to our road trip until the kids saw a sign and we just had to go see.


We had so many giggles about this name. We decided to go have a look and see what this place looks like. I am so glad we did. After about 6 kilometers on a dirt road we came to a beautiful private beach in the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve and we stayed there for more than an hour. The kids climbed the rocks, we found gorgeous sea shells and we just soaked up the sun. This beach is actually a campsite and I can only imagine it being a wonderful place to rest and forget about the noise from the world.

Final Stretch To The East Coast

It was time to go home. With only two hours to go, we were ready for our own beach and home. And we were definitely ready to say goodbye to the car. It’s always nice to see Table Mountain, the beautiful mountain backdrop in Gordons Bay.

We’d made it. Five days later and an experience of a lifetime. We enjoyed it so much that I will definitely do it again. I am planning a different route for next time but we will go definitely go back to the West Coast.

Check out my previous posts from our trip, just in case you find yourself in my shoes and need to hit the road and have a little fun.

In my opinion, I don’t see why the holiday should only begin once you arrive? Let the fun begin from the moment you set off.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into our journey through the Northern Cape into the Western Cape – a road trip all the way along the East Coast.

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