Western Cape Road Trip: Port Nolloth To Lambert’s Bay

I am sharing our recent adventures on our road trip from the Free State to Cape Town in March. I did 1800 kilometres with my four kids on a solo parenting road trip, most of it through the Northern Cape. This part of our journey takes us from the Northern Cape down into the Western Cape and it becomes our Western Cape road trip. The kids and I have been travelling together without my husband for a couple of years already. The first part of our trip was to Kimberley where we visited the Big Hole. From there we went through the Northern Cape down to the West Coast.

Day 4

Day 4 western cape road trip

En-Route To Lambert’s Bay

We left  Port Nolloth between 8 and 9 in the morning, and had a long road ahead. To be honest I was really disappointed when I realised we had to drive back to Springbok to get to our destination. That’s when I really felt the 140km (280km in total) detour. We drove past Springbok and after nearly two hours on the road we decided to take a turn into a very small town called Kamieskroon. Most roads were dirt roads, the ground was dry and the air hot. We found a colourful little place where we decided to stop and eat.

The kids were hungry, my bum was sore, we all needed the toilet and we just needed a break. The owners told us about their water situation and I never realised how dry it really is in some areas. They only have water for one and a half hours a day. After a wonderful breakfast and some friendly small town conversation we got back into the air conditioned car and left the small town behind.

all you need is a great friend and a full tank of gas

All the little places we passed looked like they were from another world. No tar roads, a dreadful drought, dust roads, one tall church tower and a visible heat wave. All the rivers we crossed were empty and my heart really broke for these communities.

There were hardly any cars on the N7 for the first 300 kilometres. Just us, the heat, small towns and rocky red landscapes.

Lambert’s Bay

We finally arrived in Lambert’ Bay, exhausted but thankful. Once again I forgot about the alarm and everyone knew that we had arrived. We arrived during load shedding so we decided to go to the beach immediately. The kids really enjoyed the beach and we found the most beautiful sea shells all over.

four kids on the beach western cape road trip

That evening we went out for a nice dinner at the small harbour, they call it their waterfront.  Isabella’s Restaurant  was in the perfect spot and again the hospitality and friendly people made it so nice.

We saw the sun set over the horizon and the kids really enjoyed the birds, boats and scenery there.

On our way back I stopped for some wood and marshmallows. Our day ended on a high note next to a cosy fire, looking out over the black sea with the moon shining a bright light in the sky.

beach fire lamberts bay

Lambert’s Bay Accommodation

We stayed right on the beach in a beautiful modern ground floor apartment. I found the accommodation on Lekker Slaap and we stayed in Bay Plaza

We were nearly done with our road trip. Our last night before arriving at our home away from home couldn’t have ended in a better way. I truly fell in love with the West Coast of South Africa. The beaches, the people and yes, even the weather.

Check out my previous posts from our trip, just in case you find yourself in my shoes and need to hit the road and have a little fun. I don’t see why the holiday should only begin once you arrive? Let the fun begin from the moment you set off. I hope you enjoyed this insight into our journey, through the Northern Cape into our Western Cape road trip from Port Nolloth to Lambert’s bay.

Lamberts bay



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