When God Said Go

As you know I’ve been the new girl   for an entire month now and it has been challenging as much as it has been so refreshing.

New Chapter

I have a golden rule. NEVER LOOK BACK. In this case it has helped me so much, not to dwell on where we were, what we had and our people who was so close to our hearts but to rather focus on where we are now, what we have now and settle as well as accept where we are now.

We’ve been adjusting well, the kids enjoy their new school and I am totally loving our new schedule, especially the “no homework” policy. I can’t tell you enough what a big difference that has made to my life and what a positive thing it has been for my relationship with my kids.

The kids miss their close friends but I told them it will take some time to form the bonds they had back home. Some things are easy and other things are a little harder. I think it’s a good lesson for them. To learn how to cope, accept and deal with feelings and emotions they never knew before.

Someone To No One

I literally went from someone to no one over night and if I can be completely honest, I love it. Maybe this won’t last forever and maybe I’ll get to a point where I miss seeing people I know around every corner but for now I am loving being a somebody. I love exploring and finding new little places and just spending quality time with my husband and kids. Quality time is a word we only knew over school holidays because life was such a rush in between, but the now we live in is completely different from what we had.

When God Say Go

I guess it’s not the place or even the circumstances, it has everything to do with God’s perfect timing. I waited and prayed so long for something to change, or for something to happen and now it did. I didn’t know what exactly I was looking for but I know the feeling I have is the most content feeling I’ve had in years. God knew long before I did.

Don’t get me wrong. I was “happy.” I had my people, I had my circle. My kids were happy. We weren’t unhappy, but in my heart I knew I was praying for more. Something else, something better because I knew there was more to life than just the rushing around and never seeing my husband (commuting between home and Gauteng).

We still face our daily challenges, we still have our knees stuck to the ground but in my heart I found something that I haven’t felt in a long time. I know we are where we suppose to be and that brings peace. That’s why this is a little easier than expected. That is why this is now my new home, the place where we belong because God put us here and He knows my heart best.







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I’m so glad to read this. The positives all massively outweigh the negatives.

To be an anybody is very liberating. Embrace it. Xx

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