When The New Girl Isn’t So New Anymore

Not so long ago I was the new girl in town and I loved it. Everything was just so I don’t even have a word for it, perfect. Now five months later I’m not so new anymore, but I still love it here. 

I love how God hand picked people for us. It’s almost like he investigated me the past twenty years and went ahead and chose people to fill the gaps. I’m very happy with our relocation, where we are and how everything has worked out. I haven’t looked back one day. On the other hand my kids, they have adapted well but I still find myself holding them some nights while they cry themselves to sleep because they miss a friend so much. I still find myself convincing them that this was a good move and that everything will eventually feel normal. They miss their friends. They miss their school. They really miss their teachers. But with all that said they have all made friends, found a spot in the school and adapted really well. It’s just the heart isn’t where home is yet. They will get there, I’m sure of it but it’s taking a little longer than expected. 

I obviously have people I miss dearly but they are not all in Welkom anyway. I’ve learnt a long time ago how to say good bye to good friends because that’s what happens when you get married and start a life. People move. I have friends all over the world that I miss, but we learn to live with it and thank the Lord for amazing technology. 

Things I’m still getting use to in Jozi

I still use my GPS for almost everything. Accept the basics like school and shops. 

Everything is 25 minutes away and apart. So everything takes an hour longer here than what it did back in the Free State. 

Everything at school is automated, computerized and on apps, I find it a little impersonal especially after having such a good relationship with our previous school and teachers, but on the other hand it makes it very professional, very organized and no info ever gets lost. 

ROBOTS…. oh my word they are everywhere and usually don’t work with me but against me. If I’m late it is red. It’s a given, I’ve seen it now. 

Availability of everything. No matter what I’m looking for I will find it. It’s amazing, I love how everything is just here and only 25 minutes away. (Ha Ha) 

I’ve learnt that before I go to a place, I first need to ask if it is safe. I have found myself in situations oblivious of the fact that this is Johannesburg and it’s not safe everywhere. (Nothing serious, just dodgy places where one wouldn’t naturally go.)

Freedom of choice here is incredible. There’s just always something to do somewhere. 

We joined an amazing church where we really just found a community that made us feel right at home. Our kids also love our new church. 

Friendly people…. it seems like everyone is so nice here. So friendly. Everyone gives everyone a chance, so much so that I’ve now too gotten into that habit of letting someone go in front of me. Even when I’m later.

In The End

There’s no regrets. We are so happy here. The kids are happy most days and they are really doing so well at school. It was hard changing their language in the middle of the year, but they have all worked so hard and now the results are just amazing. 

Sometimes the scariest things in life isn’t really so scary if you actually just do it. If God says go, then go. If God gives you favor and opens the doors, who are we to question the how’s with a but? I’m so thankful we were obedient. I’m so thankful we followed Gods voice because I know this was His work. 

So here we are five months later. Happy Gautengers and I never would have thought. If you asked me a year ago if I’ll move to Gauteng I probably would have laughed. 

So now I’m the new girl that is not so new anymore and I’m liking it even more and more. I think this might just be the place where I really find myself again after becoming a mommy. 

I’m looking forward to 2020 here. We are officially home.

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This was so encouraging! God has you in the perfect place. Excited to get to know you better. Jozi is blessed to have your family.

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