When Two Become One

When two become one, well, it’s like you know what he is thinking before he says it. Sometimes it’s seeing something through his eyes the way you would never have seen it. Other times it’s him seeing something through your eyes that he would never have seen. It’s being connected on a different level. It’s communicating without using a language or speech figure. It’s having the same outcome without having the same start!

We Are One

This is what we should have with our partners – a “we are one” relationship! I believe God made it like this so that we can protect each other, ourselves and our marriages. This “one” forms a wall, a protection wall around us and it should be so strong a wall that no one can break it down and enter. This wall should have no doors or windows. We must generate our own oxygen. That oxygen must be God. He is the only one that can give pure enough oxygen to go a lifetime without letting anything in.

When two become one, we need to protect each other. Always. There are so many things out there trying to destroy what God has put together. I am a firm believer of when you are together, you are together because God put you together for a reason! No matter what your relationship status is, good or bad, you being together should be the solution because there was a reason for you being put together. Like I said in my previous post where I spoke about how God sent me my man, and the whole “hand and glove” thing. I honestly believe it’s like that with everyone who makes their vows in front of God, ’till death do you part.

I think we need to put more focus on the inside of our walls, instead of looking at what’s going on outside of these walls.

Life Is Not A Fairy Tale

Life is tough. People are struggling. Kids are being bullied. People don’t have jobs, or warm beds. The economy is crashing, money has little value, yet it means everything. Survival is tough.

Yet we are also living in a time where things are wonderful with technology, and the world is buzzing with what is hot and what is not, who is in and who is out, how to dress, how to walk, how to behave! What we should look like and where we must go on holiday.

We Need to Focus On What Is Important

We need to change our focus! Away from that! Away from the world. When two become one, we should focus on each other. We should stay focused on the inside of our walls and most importantly on God!

We need our partners to have our backs, and we need to have their backs. We need to love as one and have a solid wall! We need to protect what is ours and we need to hold on to God because the world out there is a big and scary place when you are alone. When you are not alone, when two become one, I think it can be an awesome journey!

I’m having the ride of my life!

Are you?

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