When You Are Reminded By Your Own Words

Keeping Those Old Journals

I found one of my old diaries, dated back to 2008. I loved reading every page and had to share some of the notes with my husband.

Going Back

I got tears in my eyes while I was reading parts from the diary,  In my heart I felt every emotion, in my mind I went back to the picture, the chair in the little guest house room where we stayed in Bloemfontein when I started writing the journal! 

It’s incredible to see how God has just always been apart of me and my journey. So many years later and the picture is coloured in full bright colours. My faith just restored by a memory I have long forgotten. It’s beautiful to see this relationship, to see how I have grown and see now how God takes us through deep waters for a reason, but we always get through and the end results always better than the picture we painted for ourselves.

It was wonderful to see that innocence inside myself again. That child like believe! We become more careful I think, in our thoughts and dreams once we become parents. It takes a while to get that back. After the kids are bigger and less dependent on us. I had so much faith in what I did not see. It’s amazing to see how I have grown also and how my relationship with God has changed and matured. It’s good to see personal growth. We can only see it in this way if we have something to go back to.  

Put It On Paper

Write things down, treasure your growth and know God’s value in your life. A lot of times we think back and know He was there but we are not exactly sure how and where. It’s nice to be able to go back and see it in our own hand writing. God has been so amazingly good to me and the way He has blessed us and the way He has favored us, draws me to my knees. How far we have come.

Just put it down on paper, even if it takes you ten or twenty years to go back, it will always be there with things that once made you feel good or bad. Either way it was important things that happened.

Do you like to journal and make random notes in a notebook?

A Little Gratitude Prayer

Thank you for choosing me and for seeing me. Thank you for making me, me! You have come down to lift me up and I know in You I can become exactly what You need me to be! I want more of You! I want to become more like You! Take my hand and teach me! You are my favorite person and my best friend! Thank you for always showing me little things that brings me hope, even in those times where I feel like I have nothing. My strength lies in You, help me to never forget this! Help me to always focus on You. It’s so easy to get distracted. I want all of You, everything that You can offer! My arms are open and my heart is Yours! Thank you for reminding me how far I have come, how much You love me and showing me that even when it feels like we are going no where, we are always going somewhere. Amen 

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